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Flat Bottom Rail


5/8" (16mm) HIGH


2lb/yd (21mm high) ----------- US 1 1/2" Scale

21mm high STEEL ---------------- US 1 1/2 scale STEEL

21mm high ALUMINUM --------------- US 1 1/2 scale ALUMINIUM


Rail expansion data
for some of our rail

Medium 32


Fenlow Heavy Duty


Heavy 35



3kg/m Steel Rail


4.4kg/m Steel Rail



Moulded Plastic Rail Clips for 3kg/m (6lbs/yd) rail.

  Rail Clips for 9/, 12/ 13 1/2 and 14 lbs/yd rail.

Rail expansion data
for some of our rail

All the above section are offered with a range of fittings to suit.
Other larger steel rail sections and fittings are also available
*All dimensions approximate in millimetres

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Track gauges


Pointwork Components

Pointwork components for - Aluminium 16mm High Rail , Aluminium 21mm High Rail , Steel 21mm High Rail , Steel 25mm High Rail , Steel 3kg/m Rail

(Crossing units can be used for other railheights with use of packing plates.)


For Signals, Leverframes and Accessories see

Steam and Diesel Castings!

We are pleased to announce the MRSC has recently acquired the Steam and Diesel Casting's range from Dan Jeavons.

The new range consists of 5" and 7 1/4" gauge battery electric locomotives, detailed castings, scale passenger coaches and rolling stock.

Phone or email for details or visit the upcoming web site for more details.


New Products

27T Tippler - 7 1/4" Gauge

�1445.00 inc VAT

Sand Wagon - 7 1/4" Gauge

�1370.00 inc VAT

Lanc & Yorks Railway Dwarf Ground Signal

�175.00 inc VAT

New range of Cast Mini Railway Signs

New stock of US 1 1/2" scale and 3kg/M steel rail now in

---------------------Special Offers-------------------------


Engineer in Miniature - complete Volumes in Binders or loose single issues

Bound Model Engineer Volumes

Early issues from 1898 to 1914.

All with good pages, most supplied as bound hardbacks.

These are listed individually here. We are also happy to discuss purchase of this run or part thereof - please call to discuss.


500M plus 32mm high STEEL rail, worn but relayable, some with very worn head, OK for siding and sheds, come and sort it through!Will suit H/D 5"g/ 7 1/4g /10 1/4"g

Job lot of Preowned rail, collection only for HD 7 1/4" g - 9 1/2" gauge - 10 1/4" g or 12 1/4" gauge

Fishplates, Fishbolts, Steel sleepers, Clips and Clip bolts to suit available

Second hand 10 1/4"g, un-used turned steel wheels - could suit NG 7 1/4"g

Please call or e-mail if you are interested

About the Miniature Railway Supply Company

For prices and further information contact please Jeff Price

Updated prices for 5/8" (16mm) high aluminum rail

New Lower prices for 16mm & 21mm high aluminum rail

  5/8" (16mm) high aluminum rail prices

Lightweight pattern
fishplate set

(Heavy duty fishplate in center shown for comparison only)

Heavy duty pattern
fishplate set

(Lightweight fishplate in center shown for comparison only)


Rail expansion data for some of our rail


NEW show track NEW show track NEW show track NEW show track

  2�", 3�" and 5" gauge Show track kits

*Assembled and mounted sample of Showtrack kit shown above

  Scale Locomotive

  Williams Pattern
Point Lever

  5"g Detailing items

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Show track and small scale rail sections plus fittings

2�"g 3�"g 5"g

Small Small Large
Bull head Flat bottomed Flat bottomed

10ft radius 5" Standard Gauge style right hand

Ready to lay Points and Point Components

Track Kits and
Ready to lay Track Panels

10ft radius 5" Standard Gauge Style Wye

5" Narrow Gauge style shown

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Cast Signs


Laser Cut Signs

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Point Levers and Buffer Stops
Cast Iron Point Levers
Buffer Stops
Williams Pattern Point Levers



Books, drawings & magazines

Bought and sold


Key steel

Imperial and Metric sizes




Miscellaneous & clearance items

Bought and sold




For prices and further information contact Jeff Price

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    for 5", 7 1/4" and 5" / 7 1/4" dual gauge
  • 7 1/4" gauge POINT COMPONENTS
  • Multigauge POINTWORK
  • 5/8" (16mm) Aluminium RAIL
  • 2 lbs/yd Steel RAIL
  • 2 lbs/yd Aluminium Alloy RAIL
  • US 1 1/2" Scale Steel RAIL
  • US 1 1/2" Scale Aluminium RAIL
  • Medium 32 Aluminium RAIL
  • Fenlow Heavy Duty Aluminium RAIL
  • Heavy 35 Aluminium RAIL
  • 3kg/m Steel RAIL
  • 4.4kg/m Steel RAIL
  • S7 (13 1/2 lbs/yd) Steel RAIL
  • S10 (20 lbs/yd) Steel RAIL
  • S14 (28 lbs/yd) Steel RAIL
  • S18 (36 lbs/yd) Steel RAIL
  • S20 (40 lbs/yd) Steel RAIL
  • Heavy duty STEEL SLEEPERS for
    7 1/4", 10 1/4" and 15" gauge

    Large file, may take a while to download
  • Picture Page

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    Full product range includes:

  • Steel rail sections and fittings also available as follows;
    12lbs./yd A.S.C.E 1" head, 2" high, 2" base.
    13 � lbs./yrd (S-7) 25mm head, 65mm high, 50mm base
    20 lbs/yd B.S.(M) & S-10 Section details on request.
  • Point kits or ready to use points in any rail section that we can supply or obtain.
  • Pointwork components: - Blades, stock rails, check rails, cast crossing units in aluminium or iron.
  • Point levers , 2 sizes, cast in Iron or Aluminium. Trailable in both directions.
  • Track screws, 3 sizes for rail sections up to 3kg/M (6 lbs./yd)
  • Rail clips - Clip bolts - Clip screws - Steel sleepers - Dog spikes- for rail section 4.4kg/M (9 lbs./yd) and upwards.
  • Rail curving, any section to customers requirement.
  • Assembly of track panels, straight and curved to customers requirements.
  • Portable steel track panels

    E Mail us on :-

    The Miniature Railway Supply Co. Limited 42 Stratford Way, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP3 9AS, England. Telephone, Fax & Answerphone: 01442 214702 Evening calls welcome (GMT)

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